Smarter Operations with
Intelligent Edge
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eOps™ Applications

eOps™ Watch

Vision AI capabilities to provide edge asset recognition & anomaly detection

eOps™ Trace

Event-based edge asset tracking monitors & telemetry processing framework

eOps™ ProSense

Proactive operations & predictive maintenance framework with anomaly detection, forecasting & problems/claims management features

eOps™ Insight

Generative AI & Cognitive BI functions with field service, risk management & fraud detection reporting

The eOps™ Stack

  • eOps™ Applications

    A suite of turnkey products to quickly unlock the value of data for solving everyday business & operational challenges

  • eOps™ Platform

    The eOps™ Fabric - Edge enabled data mesh with management, processing, & security features. Enabling agile development & secured delivery of analytics applications and ML models to meet high paced business demands

    The eOps™ Chord - Blockchain framework ensuring highly compliant and audited edge operations

  • eOps™ Infrastructure

    Data integration fabric deployable at global scale for bespoke customer needs. Compute and storage designed for the smart Edge to enable fast and secure data aggregation and harmonization


Oil, Gas & Energy
Transportation & Logistics

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