Discover some of the most uniquely talented, emerging and independent fashion designers around you.
Shop or pre-order from few of their latest trending collections.

Find & Buy fresh fashion from creative designers intuitively

Product & designer recommendations based on your shopping preferences and search patterns

Contribute & leverage from a trusted community of buyers based on reviews/ratings of emerging designers

What Is Shodat for Independent Fashion Designers ?
A suite of cloud based technology services to build, sell and grow your fashion brand

What's next..

Interested to know more about our services and how the Shodat platform can help you grow your business? Contact us today to schedule a demo and get your sign-up access code to join our exclusive platform.

Manage selling inventory, brand profile, store affiliations and much more, on the cloud

Mobile store front and Pop-up stores to sell your unique collections to finely matched user sets.

Analytics & market trends to drive smarter sales and structure your brand growth better

Previous Events:

SF Fashion Week 2016 - Fashion Tech Expo, September 26, 2016 @ GalvanizeU, SF

Shodat Designer Platform Launch and Training Event, August 16th 2016, @Rackspace in San Francisco.

Shodat Designer Platform Training Event, September 13th 2016, @X-Institute in San Francisco.

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