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Federated Identity & Trust

Federated User Identity and Trust Management for decentralized applications and edge computing use cases.


Server-less application deployment and management specialized for AI and Machine Learning workloads. Container/Baremetal Orchestration and Networking.


Data Storage, Migration and Replication Frameworks for location aware analytics and low latency, transactional applications.


Telemetry and Application Performance Tracking Tools - Enhanced Operational Visibility and Cost driven Resource Optimization.


  • Comprehensive

    study of your application use case to design and build an end-to-end technology solution.

  • Customize

    cloud products and frameworks to tailor a platform optimized to solve your unique set of requirements.

  • Committed

    to build platforms that enable you in delivering business critical applications to your customers faster and in a cost effective way - the ‘Cloud’ way

Industry Experience

Providing customized user identity management, compute and network virtualization frameworks capable of serving and scaling Paypal’s consumer facing production apps as well as internal development workloads in a highly compliant, secured and on-demand fashion - an effort to realize the vision of a cost optimized, software driven datacenter.

> We are partnered with cloud technology solution providers and architects across United States and India. Our advisory panel includes industry experts from Google and select Technology Consulting Multinationals.

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